The site's front page offers an overview of the full contents of Noh as Intermedia, and most sections of the site are easily reachable via the drop-down menu items at the top of each page. Items under the Elements menu lead to numerous pages and sub-pages providing descriptions and examples of the formal design of Noh and its diverse layers.

The two main links under the Plays menu launch an interactive interface providing an in-depth intermedia analysis synchronized with full-length recordings of two contrasting Noh plays. The two levels of this interface (one for the entire play, and one for each section) include a button for the Guide in the upper right, which highlights the main features of the interface.

Suggested Citations

Citing Noh as Intermedia

Fujita Takanori, Jarosław Kapuściński, François Rose. 2019. Noh as Intermedia.

Citing an essay

Tom Hare. 2019. “Why Hashitomi and Kokaji?” In Noh as Intermedia. Eds. Fujita Takanori, Jarosław Kapuściński, François Rose.

Citing interactive content

Fujita Takanori, Jarosław Kapuściński, François Rose. 2019. “Hashitomi: Jonomai.” In Noh as Intermedia.

Embedding the Videos

The full-length, high-definition video recordings of performances of Kokaji and Hashitomi may be embedded on other sites for the purposes of citing specific segments of the performances via our video player. The following embedding code should be used and modified as needed to play the desired section. Further information is available on the wiki.

As an embedded HTML5 <video> element

<source src=",1:38&autoplay&autoclose" type="video/mp4">

As a link to a popout video player

<a href="#0" onclick="'/popout/hashitomi/#t=01:30,1:38&autoplay&autoclose', 'new', 'width=640,height=360');return false;">Popout Link</a>

Terms of Use

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Source Code

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